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Diamond Jubilee ERA LTD.

December 11, 2009 at the Entertainment Theatre in Chorzow, ERA LTD celebrated 60th anniversary of existence
The President of the Board of Directors  Mr. Krzysztof Pasternak began the official part , describing  the history of the company. ERA has received certificates of Fair Play 2009 and Solid Company 2009. The deputy Adam Matusiewicz gave the company employees medals for Long Service awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland. The Best contractors of ERA LTD. were honored with Amicus Amico - Friend of a Friend awards. The Chairman of Supervisory Board Mr. Jack Malek ended the official part with the speech .
Krzysztof Kiljańskiego concert  was a part of artistic splendor. Guests had the opportunity to admire the exhibition of paintings by Jerzy Duda-Gracz and photo exhibition ‘’ The Beauty found’’; presenting the restored Polish palaces.

Final liquidation of the Cooperative ERA
Completes the process of liquidation of Cooperative ERA. Based on previously conducted business, and the overall economic potential, human resources ERA Co Ltd launches an independed activity.

The Hotel Palace Czarny Las was open at the end of 2003.
Previously established as a rehabilitation center ,the Palace was restored. Upon completion of the investment the Palace Hotel Czarny Las began to welcome visitors as a four-star hotel, restaurant and wine bar.

Inauguration of the "Live Safely", "Work safely", "Live safely" action
On the basis of experience providing security of persons and property, the idea of the ”Work safely,’’ Live safely’’ ,’’Work safely’’ was established to promote the concept of security and support services and integration of all security –conscious life of inhabitants in our area. ERA Ltd share knowledge, experience, finances, and initiating projects aimed at increasing the level of  security. The first shooting tournament organized by ERA LTD accompanied the  inauguration of‘’ Live safely, ‘’Work safely’’, Live safely’’ action.

Opening the new building at the Paderewski street.
On December  1 the new building was open on the Paderewski street, intended for the Department of parking services and ERA - Tech, it also includes medical cabinets belonging to ERA-MED.

A decision was reached for the restructuring of the ownership of the Cooperative ERA

The corporation employs 4,500 people, which means that over 1996-1998 there was an increase of more than 2,100 people. These figures also indicate the enormous social dimension of business activity for the region.
During the Collecting Representatives of Members of Era a General Conception was adopted of Restructuring of the Property Cooperative Era by virtue of the Resolution No 1 from November 24 which in the contemporary legal situation could be carried out exclusively by way of transformation, through the controlled liquidation of the Cooperative into the commercial partnership (acquiring the whole potential of the Cooperative during successive years of liquidation).

Opening the unit providing  cleaning services in Warsaw.

Adopted the name "Cooperative ERA"
There is a change to name ‘’Cooperative ERA’’ The other element of the name stayed the same and is being associated as the brand of professional services. In connection with the further expansion of the territorial new area branches are being opened.
Former branch In Racibórz is reconnected to the Cooperative.

Beginning restructuring measures associated with adapting the Cooperative to New market realities.
In the same year radical restructuring measures adapting the Cooperative to the free market and the new economic reality were taken. This year from the Racibórz branch a Dagger Cooperative operating in the area of Racibórz, Rybnik and Wodzisław  is formed. Since then the Cooperative turnovers and the employment  successively is increasing  also a number of contracting parties is rising.

Krzysztof Pasternak is taking up the post of the chairman of the management board. He is holding the position until today.

A record-breaking employment was achieved on the level of 8,800 employees.
The highest level of employment in the history of Cooperatives which was the near to  8,800 persons.
Political transformations in 80 /90 didn't remain without the influence on the impact on the situation of the Cooperative . Market failure was the cause of the worsening situation, or even collapse of state enterprises which were the main partners of the Cooperative.  This situation caused a significant reduction in turnover.

Purchasing the small manor house for rehabilitation needs in Czarny Las. Currently  functioning as the four-star Hotel Palace Czarny Las.

Company introduces the Compensation Plan and the computerization of the Cooperative.

According to the chairman of the Cooperative order "Commission of the Invention" was established with intention of creating "Creative Groups".

Leading into the production of sirentorch "syrenolatarek".
It is also time of enriching forms of the rehabilitation of disabled workers and the dynamic growth of employee benefits.

Starting the individual unit which originated today's ERA MOTO
It is a period of intensive action associated with the process of the decentralization of managing and the development of services. Modern units are formed in Reptach Śl. and Świętochłowice - today's Era - MOTO. The cooperative is buying and modernizing a lot of premises for the purposes of branches. New medical clinics are organized with a varying range of service.
Sociopolitical organizations acting as part of the Cooperative and two trade unions: NSZZ of the Disabled and NSZZ "Solidarity" in harmony cooperated with the supervisory board and the management Board of the Cooperative. Implementing the martial law didn't cause - apart from trouble with the contact and impediments of the organizational nature -paralysis. During the martial law the Cooperative functioned without one day of the stoppage.

The supervisory Board has taken the resolution, the effect of which establishes the label of "Honored Worker of the Provincial Service Cooperative of the Disabled in Chorzów".

The cooperative receives the Golden Badge Well-deserved in the Development of the Katowice Province.
Admitting of Cooperatives was honoring  the work of members and employees in 1979, with Resolution of the Presidium of the Provincial people's council in Katowice, of Golden Badge Well-deserved in the Development of the Katowice Province.  There was also created in Racibórz as part of experiment Branch with the own economic account.

Intensive improving the social facilities and working conditions in the Cooperative.
A reorganization and an expansion of the Rehabilitation-welfare, Training Department and a health and safety at work were being intensified. a supervision and training the HSW in the departments increased. A network of local Rehabilitation Clinics was developed with leading one in Chorzów which was equipped with the modern equipment and devices. A holiday and summer camp base was being elaborated in the country and outside his borders. They widened cooperation with the special education and providing graduates of these schools with the apprenticeship and the work in the Cooperative.

The cooperative runs 179 units providing 43 types of services.
The administrative division of the country caused establishing the scope of acting as part of contemporary province boundaries Katowice and change of name on "Provincial Service Cooperative of the Disabled in Chorzów". It is a period of the intense development of the Cooperative, which accessed 20 including branches reaching entire province. Apart from that the Cooperative ran 179 units providing 43 types of services for the population, as well as for enterprises.

The initiation of construction of the object which is currently the headquarters of the Board
The cooperative takes over the construction of a service in Chorzow, which was completed in 1975.
In January 1976 there was ceremonial opening of the building called’’ the House of Service’’ The name was  so lively that is still functioning among older workers in spite of decades.
In  new rooms allocated for the  activity service  organized: goldsmith's, tailor's, of sewing duvets, knitting, furrier, of renovation of duvets, photographic and a lot of other.

The area branches becoming more independent.

Beginning the decentralization of managing by handing over control of entitlements and duties  by area branches. The Cooperative took over following area branches : Pszczyna , Rybnik Tychy from Bielsko-Biała Cooperative. Dabrowa Gornicza, Tarnowskie Gory , Zawiercie from Czestochowa Cooperative, Chrzanow and Olkusz from Cracow Cooperative. Formation of the club "Views"
The emergence of the Discussion Club "Views". High speed and modern style of work caused the formation of the unofficial debating club "Views".

1965 - 1970
Receiving the first place in the country for service development.
The period of significant increase in the value of services and employment
The creation of  specialist service departments;  department of supervision of possessions, of different services, automotive, industrial, parking. The competition, organized by the National Cooperative Agreement USI obtained first places in the country and BANNER FOR DEVELOPMENT OF SERVICES FOR THE POPULATION.

Starting executing Experimental-alarm signaling systems
Launching the activity of signaling-panel installation performed by the Experimental Department, later renamed the Department of Technical and Installation, followed by the Department of signaling (now ERA - TECH).

In accordance with the will of the Board and Co-operative function of the asset, Appointing Tadeusz Kostecki as a Chairman of the Management Board who held this function for 26 years (until 1990).

January 1, 1964
Organizational changes.

Subsequent changes to the organizational structure associated with the transfer of regional branches (in Dąbrowa, Zawiercie, Lubliniec and Tarnowski Gory) to Cooperative in Czestochowa .This department was transformed into a Cooperative "Universe". Deppartment in Bielsko Biała detaches from the Cooperative, and launches Cooperative "Domena" existing until present day.

Forming the "scientifically - developmental" unit for implementing the technological progress at the supervisory staff of possessions. An area of the entire country was provided with this activity.

Initiating action associated with the occupational rehabilitation of employees with disabilities.
Creating a vice manager of the rehabilitation position in the management board  which was held by master Jan Roczek. In the process an operations of the Cooperative was initiated in the field of the occupational rehabilitation of the disabled.

Lata 1959-1962
The development of various services
At the end of the fifties, by hiring new staff to the Cooperative, allowed to adopt the concept of development of services, initially related to parking lots, and automobiles, included: disinfecting telephones, translating foreign languages, goldsmith, furriery and many more. Started to produce  building components from the gravel. The comprehensiveness of action  was to ensure the survival of the Cooperative and serve to ensure employment of disabled workers and their occupational rehabilitation.

The cooperative is combining its activity with employing persons with disabilities
The cooperative is combining its activity with employing persons with disabilities. Returns to the co-operative action involving  employment and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
Next change of the name "Cooperative of the Disabled of the Protection of Possessions and Different Services in Chorzów".

Starting parking services
The growing demand for  parking services caused the need to elaborate the offer. A change of name is taking place from the Cooperative "Guardian" to "Cooperative of the Work of the Protection of Possessions and Different Services in Chorzów.

Transfer the headquarter of the "Guardian’" cooperative form Katowice to Chorzow.
Reorganizations of central and provincial cooperative organizations caused the necessity of the transfer of the Head quarter. The new location created better conditions, and  initiated a new chapter in history of the Cooperative.

The number of the employees exceeds 2000
The "Guardian Cooperative “crew is growing in order to achieve the number of 2214 employees.

The beginning of the territorial expansion
A beginning of the 50’s is a period of the territorial development of the Cooperative associated with forming area branches.
In 1951 the Cooperative already has 25 branches in Katowice and 2 in the Opole  however a year later they are passed to the newly established Cooperative in Opole.

Start of service activities for the protection of property.
In the last days of July of 1950 Cooperative "Guardian" initiated the legal service activity. The crew consisted of barely  60 people, however, by the end of December of 1950 the ‘’Guardian’’ employed 767 people.

Establishing  the Cooperative "Guardian"
In December 4, 1949 in Katowice, 16-person group appointed to life the labor corporative "Guardian" during the general meeting. Created to provide services, protection of persons and property. The cooperative has become the cornerstone of today ERA LTD.

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